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In high school, I remember distinctly thinking that in order to stop discrimination and violence against women we need to involve men. I figured if that was the case, it wasn’t really my responsibility to be involved because we didn’t need more women working for gender equality we needed more men. It wasn’t until I was in college and heard Stephen Lewis, the former United Nations Special Envoy for Aids in Africa, explain that anyone interested in social justice should be working for women’s rights that I was able to understand the importance of getting involved in the advancement of women and working towards gender equality.

Once the importance of the advancement of women became clear to me, I remained uncertain about how to go about actually advancing women. Advancing them to where? Is it enough to ensure that women have the same rights as men? Are men the benchmarks towards which we should be striving? Are men done advancing? I needed some understanding of what the equality of women and men should look like. In March of 2010, I read a document from the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity that addressed my questions.

When I was offered the opportunity to spend a year working with this document, I didn’t hesitate. Ever since, I’ve been trying to think of ways of sharing this document with everyone and thanks to the the suggestion of individuals much more technologically savvy than myself, the idea of creating this blog emerged.  The purpose of this blog is to allow people to engage with the document and share their understandings and comments about it and the advancement of the equality of women and men in general.

Am I alone in being slow to participate in the advancement of equality between women and men? What motivates your interest?