Before I post the next part of the document, I just wanted to repeat a request I’ve made on here before.

I’m new to the world of blogs. In preparation for the creation of this blog, I did my homework. I checked out different blogs, spanning many topics and writing styles. Most of the blogs I looked at were personal. Personal blogs for the most part require little feedback from readers. Obviously, its always nice to hear from the people out there in cyberspace but the success of the blog has more to do with the level of creativity of the writing and the writer’s unique voice. If people connect with the writer, they’ll keep coming back. This isn’t a personal blog. The success of this blog is contingent on you. I want you to keep coming back and I want to know what you’re thinking.

To those who have shared thus far, thank you! Your thoughts are awesome. To those who haven’t, I look forward to hearing from you!