A large part of expanding the basis of human identity is moving beyond narrowly identifying people based on physical or social characteristics. The document explains that doing so has had “ruinous consequences, whether that identity has been used as a basis for seeking preference over others or has congealed in response to the experience of prejudice and oppression.” Sheryl WuDunn, co-author of the book Half the Sky, talks about this idea in her recent TEDtalk. She explains that women in most part of the world have been “discriminated to death”. She highlights the stories of girls who are systematically discriminated against because of their gender. She calls this the greatest injustice of the 21st century. Whether or not you agree with all of WuDunn’s ideas on how to solve this problem, she clearly displays the consequences of narrowly defining human identity and viewing women as burdens on the family or village.

Watch the video here.