The document states, “through the unshakeable sense of security that comes from being consciously aware of one’s underlying spiritual nature, shared by all humanity, it becomes possible for an individual to derive joy from, and to value, all the other aspects of one’s identity.”

I’ve been trying to think of ways through which to illustrate this point, to show that emphasizing our spiritual nature, which has no sex, race, nationality or other physical or social distinction, can in fact allow us to truly value those aspects of our physical appearance that make us different. I struggled, however, to find something that truly illustrates this point; that understanding our inner reality can help us overlook the fragmented labels with which society tags us over the course of our lives.

We are currently living in a society that places emphasis on difference- religious difference, racial difference, class difference and gender difference. This difference is placed at the center of our understanding of self rather than a secondary aspect of who we are. There are few examples through which to illustrate the importance of understanding our inner reality.

The document also specifies that gaining this ability to derive joy from and value all the other aspects of one’s identity come from a willingness to share and to learn from others.

So in this spirit of learning, I ask you to share any and all materials (current events, pop culture, media, literature) that could possibly serve to illustrate the point from the document quoted above.