This section of the document emphasizes the idea that men and women are taught false conceptions of who they are and what their nature is. This being the case, it is worthwhile to look at some of the places where we receive our understanding of who we are.

One such place is scientific research. A recent interview with Cordelia Fine talks about how much scientific research about the behavior of women and men are often born out of the understanding that there are certain fundamental differences between the genders. Evidence is then found to support these beliefs. She explains that by believing that men and women are just hardwired to be different it justifies the status quo, “a status quo in which politics, science, technology and artistic achievement continue to lie primarily in the hands of men.” Previously on the blog, we’ve talked about whether having more women involved in science would change some of the research pursued. While Fine doesn’t specifically address how science changes if there were more women involved in the field, she does focus on how prejudices and assumptions can manifest themselves in scientific inquiry.

I definitely recommend reading the interview, it’s not very long and it presents some very interesting ideas on how our underlying assumptions can cloud the pursuit of scientific theory.