There can be no question that the media dominants our lives. It is impossible not to influenced by it in one form or another. So if we recognize that it is an ever present aspect of our society then we should make sure that we are aware of the impact it has on how we view ourselves and how we view human nature. In essence we have to become ‘media literate’ so we can recognize the messages being promoted in various formats so that they do not become naturalized and accepted as truths.

Disney is well known for portraying women and love in a particular manner. These two videos satirize the lessons learned from Disney princesses:

Its not only Disney movies that have portrayed women in this very limited manner. This next video talks about the Bechdel Test — which is based on whether a movie has at least two female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man. You might be surprised the limited number of movies that pass the test:

There is also an interesting image that portrays a comprehensive flowchart of female characters in film and television.