I found this TED talk that I thought was interesting and I wanted to share it. It’s not directly related to our topic at hand — transforming economic structures and processes — but in the end all the areas discussed in the document touch on the greater issue of overcoming oppressive forces that cause us to move away from our true identity as spiritual beings and this TED talk touches on this idea by highlighting how men are forced into a “man box”. This man box, Tony Porter explains, has in it the ingredients of how we define being a man. Some of these include showing no emotion, demonstrating powercontrol and being the protector. I think discussions on how our society prevents men from developing to their full capacity are important because so often we become narrowly focused on discrimination against women and forget that so long as our world is set up to place an emphasis on secondary features of our existence, we all lose out. After all, the socialization of strong men has a direct effect on women, as men exert their strength by dominating the women around them. As Porter explains, his liberation as a man is tied to our liberation as women.

Watch the talk here.