So back to the topic at hand — transforming economic structures and processes. For this post, I once again turn to TED. Thanks to the TEDwomen conference that took place last week, there were several TED talks that highlighted issues of gender equality. A talk by Halla Tomasdottir from Iceland highlights the importance of bringing feminine values into the business arena. Tomasdottir and a business partner founded Audur Capital in order to introduce values such as social responsibility into financial services. The four feminine values Tomasdottir highlights include risk awareness, straight talk, emotional capital, and profit with principles. She emphasizes the point that women bring a different perspective to business than men, not necessarily better, but different. This new perspective leads to better decision making and takes us away from the herd mentality. She makes the point that men and women are not the same and this is a wonderful thingsince the differences between women and men allow them to create and sustain life. From her perspective, we should be seeking to celebrate the differences between women and men and move away from this either/or mentality so we can benefit from a diversity of views.

Watch her TED talk here.