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Redefining Power is the last section of the document, “Advancing Towards the Equality of women and men”. The document helps us think a lot about what equality is and some of the features on which is should be based. However gaining a better understanding of equality is only one step. We should also translate this new understanding into action. Therefore, I’d like to move the focus of the blog onto the engendering part of its name.

Engendering – to cause to exist or to develop. To bring into existence, to give rise to. To propagate to originate.

So engendering equality is not just a catchy name, it’s can also a reminder of how we should be living our lives. In order to give us inspiration to be working towards engendering equality I thought it might be helpful to have people share their thoughts, actions and reflections on the promotion of gender equality within their social space. I recognize that not everyone feels they are making an active contribution to gender equality but in fact by believing in the validity and importance of this topic, you are in fact, consciously or subconsciously, very likely to be working to see it in practice. Therefore I think it would be very beneficial for others if people shared their experiences, even if it means just sharing ideas you are struggling with. 

Perhaps by drawing on a wide number of contributors certain commonalities and learning can be produced which might help others in their path to promote equality between women and men. The beauty of inviting many people to participate is that the settings and language used to describe the struggles that go with undertaking this task will provide a diverse tapestry of experiences while still establishing an overall commonality between all of our experience.

I’d like to encourage people to write about their learnings, send them to engenderingequality@gmail.com and I’ll post them on the blog. It would be great if posts could be between 400-500 words. If you wanted to present your experiences in an artistic form, that would be more than welcome as well.