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A poem by Jennifer Hawkins:

O Ye People Who Have Minds to Know and Ears to Hear!

Tell me: What do you know about beauty?

What does it mean to be beautiful?


Is it the way I dress myself, stress myself, obsess myself, invest myself

In caring what you, he, she, we, they think?

If I curl my hair, shorten my dress, paint my face, and bat my eyes,

If I act the rudest, crudest, imprudence until every eye is on me,

Then will I be beautiful? Now am I attractive?


O Ye People Who Have Minds to Know and Ears to Hear!

Tell me: If I cover every anomaly, hide every freckle, conceal every pimple; pluck, tweeze, wax, strip every unwanted hair;

If I pull, tighten, whiten, straighten, bleach all my far from pearly white, teeth, to brighten my smile-

Then have I found beauty? Now am I perfect?


You know they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but is it really my beauty when I’m told what to behold?


So, please, tell me. What do you know about beauty?


Oh, lost soul in search of Beauty. Let me tell you. Listen to these guiding lights.


Beauty is found in an idea, an art, a lesson, progression.

When we sing, shout, dance, mold, create.

It allows us to seek, find, wonder, decide

It inspires us to search for order and meaning; investigation of truth.


Beauty is the Nobility you feel inside when you open your mind; when you see the majesty and diversity in the stars and the flowers; when you enjoy the fruits of your creative showers.


Beauty is found in your expression, your question, suggestion. Your confession: I am a beautiful soul


Beauty is what your soul yearns for, burns for, concerns for.

Beauty is the Creator.


Beauty is my Creator. The one Greater and Greater than all this.

The one who puts light in darkness

Who challenges my inner thought process

Beauty’s what’s inside of me.

What inspires me to be brighter

Than before.


Beauty is guidance, reliance, providence

Beauty is all things intimate, intricate, legitimate — my greatest fulfillment.

Beauty is me, soaring on the wings of my soul into the


To appreciate what’s within.

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